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As I sat in my maths lessons
The urge to strain my bowels intensified.
Instead of soiling myself
I drew patterns on some paper

intrusive thoughts, intrusive thoughts

Then as suddenly as my compulsions
Miss Byrne snatched the paper
That was the final straw
I’m telling my mum

intrusive thoughts, intrusive thoughts

She wrote in swirly handwriting
7 heartfelt pages of agony
Once like the time
Our hands touched the same book

intrusive thoughts, intrusive thoughts

The school councillor came to me at lunch
And asked some disturbed questions
Instead of revealing my vaginal warts
I had to clean the table

intrusive thoughts, intrusive thoughts


I love it

on the 22nd of

November you kissed

my cheek and the library

book fell on me and

you. In time all the boys

that once chased me all died

and that made me really sad. Then you,

the one that I loved forever touched my vulva.

On the 23rd of January, you bought me this

car and (vulva, vulva) I only went and (library, library) smashed

it. Only (vulva, vulva, vulva) one day, (library, library, library) I won’t.