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Mediocre short story

There was once a girl named ledailata. She has loads of troubles such as hearing voices, compulsions, intrusive thoughts about simon armitage and her maths teacher, anxiety, depression, self harm, paranoia, bipolar and bowel incontinence. After a hard day of tweeting about her problems, ledailata decided she would leave the house to go for a walk.
As she lifted her arm to brush her hair, she involuntarily vomited at the stench of her pits which had been left to brew for 200 days. Spooning the remaining armpit cheese out of her pits with her breakfast spoon, she looked in the mirror.
What happened next hit her like a train.
Out of nowhere……. An intrusive thought.
Ledailata fell to her knees. “NO YOU BITCH!” She screamed at her reflection before violently hurling herself into the wardrobe.
Before she knew it, ledailata was pulling out her leg hair in clumps. 7 years of growing, all gone to waste. She shoved handful upon handful into her gullet, chewing ferociously.
“YOUR LEGS ARE TOO HAIRY” screamed the wardrobe.
Ledailata was in ruins. Her actions where completely out of control, like a monster was inside her.
After ten harrowing minutes, the ordeal seized as quickly as it begun. She was left laying in a pool of her own diarrhoea and menstrual flow. Two flaps which were once her labia minora layed in an orderly fashion on her pillow.

To be continued…


I love it

on the 22nd of

November you kissed

my cheek and the library

book fell on me and

you. In time all the boys

that once chased me all died

and that made me really sad. Then you,

the one that I loved forever touched my vulva.

On the 23rd of January, you bought me this

car and (vulva, vulva) I only went and (library, library) smashed

it. Only (vulva, vulva, vulva) one day, (library, library, library) I won’t.