today I laid on the floor for 12 hours
staring at the crack which separates your two bum cheeks
like it was an opening to narnia
waiting for me to climb inside
as you laid on your side.


The library farm.

Library, library. 

I was in the mist of 

depression when I purchased 

the farm. I smelled of dung and

the crystals formed in your

bloodshot eyes. April

the 5th was when you

rejected it and 

slamdunked a book

in my face. 


you Screamed in the 

Library… Library…. Library….. Library……

You and I

I and you, words

i remember in the 

library whilst I take

a… Poo, poo, poo…

you. The rim of my

anus remembers the

texture of your lips

as we masturbate 

into the library book. 

Don’t look… 

Never look…

the 28th of March 

we kissed

my depression forced me to

STD… D, D, D

I love it

on the 22nd of

November you kissed

my cheek and the library

book fell on me and

you. In time all the boys

that once chased me all died

and that made me really sad. Then you,

the one that I loved forever touched my vulva.

On the 23rd of January, you bought me this

car and (vulva, vulva) I only went and (library, library) smashed

it. Only (vulva, vulva, vulva) one day, (library, library, library) I won’t.