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Unfathomable Vagina

The sheets drowned in her menstruation,
As blotches of blood stained the library book.
The diarrhoea squished into the pages,
He was reading her shit.
As if he were an intrusive thought,
She drowned him in her bowels.
Not only with her anus,
But vulva.


before I rest each night,
i have to check each lock and key.
or else I may wake with a fright,
and find you standing next to me.

8 times I check each window,
8 times I check each door.
before I lie my head among my pillow,
i have to be so sure.

odd numbers make me angry,
to a point I can’t express.
one day I will make you see,
as I undo my dress.

how will I go on?
i imagine the smell of his farts,
as I caress my lacey thong.

I wanted to know all of the rituals,
of which he may perform.
‘no’ is all he replied to my calls,
and now I am left to mourn.

oh no here comes an intrusive thought ,
of which Simon is the victim.
I’m cooking him with a dash of salt,
and licking out his rectum.

it tastes so nice BUT I WONT SHARE,
you’ll have to get your own.
I’m sorry if it does not seem fair,
blame OCD, don’t moan.

I wish I looked liked Alexa Chung,
maybe then Simon will love me.
brb I’m going to take a big dung,
and shove things up my fanny.